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I just came across the website for women against feminism showing pictures of women holding a piece of paper on why they don’t need feminism. When I saw it I was speechless for a long time. I had no idea that there are people who are against advocating for equal rights. I knew there were people who said they weren’t feminists but I took that to be apathy rather than active opposition.

The women on the website say that they are against feminism because are not oppressed. That’s great! But do they know that there are women who cannot vote and cannot drive? The fight is for them. The women say they love their men. Fantastic! But do they know there are men who beat up their wives on a regular basis? The fight is for them. The women say they chose to stay at home. Wonderful. But do they know that some women are not allowed to step out of their homes? The fight is for them. For women who are not allowed to speak in front of men. For women who are told what to wear. For women who are told how to sit, how to behave. For women, who didn’t have a chance to be born because of selective sex abortion. It’s for all of that and so much more.

But it’s not about hating men. It’s not about saying women are superior. It’s not about ‘irrational fear of men’ (as one woman put it). It’s not about saying men and women should be the same. 

Perhaps these people haven’t faced any of these situations and therefore they feel nobody does. But maybe the fact that they haven’t faced any of this means that someone before them spoke for them and their rights. 

We definitely need feminism so that we can move towards equalism.