What a busy week this has been. First everyone in the family has been down with the viral bug. Poor kiddo is still coughing away like his lungs will come out. It’s so painful to watch. Except that I’m coughing like mad too and to top that, I can’t take any meds right now. Some rest over the weekend should help.

But the happier news is that I’m getting closer to my (sub)goal of creating the support structure. We’ve put the current house on sale and almost decided which apartment we will be buying. We’re going to finalize that in the next week and also find out if we can avail a loan (based on which we will know if all this is possible). If we do get the loan, it’s going to be a very long next 3 months, with a lot of paper work involved, but by the end of it we will be in the new house! That’s very exciting! The grandparents will move in in a few months time – probably around the time the new baby is here – which will be perfect.

Posted this link (http://www.womensagenda.com.au/talking-about/world-of-women/the-ceo-expecting-her-fifth-child/201408154468#.U-43yo2SzFO) on a group today and one of the comments was that these people have a lot of money and support available to them. Probably true. But how often do we try to create that for ourselves, especially when we can. I think I’m lucky in a lot of ways but I’m happy that I’m being proactive in order to make things happen. I know though that that couldn’t have happened if I didn’t have the clarity on my long term goals as I have now.